Madhusree was encouraged to explore her ability in music since childhood supported by her parents, who were musicians and teachers of Indian and western music.

Being raised in a musical family helped Madhusree to learn various genre of music and she developed a natural taste and flair in vocal and instrumental music from a very young age. Her formal training in violin began at the age of 17 and she earned her Grade 8 degree under the tutelage of Mr. Abraham Mazumder from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, in 2001. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree from Calcutta University. Between 2000-02, she taught music at La Martiniere for Boys School and later took the post as Music Teacher, Choir Master and Orchestral In-Charge at St. James’ School (2002-04) and Modern High School (2006-09).

She has been associated with L’Atelier de Musique Orchestra (Now christened Kolkata Music Academy Chamber Orchestra) from 1998, performed as 1st violinist for seven years (1998-2004). In March, 2009, she became the Director of the Kolkata Music Academy. Besides her directorial responsibilities, Mrs. Mazumder also takes violin classes, piano classes and music orientation classes. She regularly performs in several notable KMA concerts.

In November 2009, Mrs. Mazumder was invited to Germany by Dr. Reimer Volker, Director, Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata, on a working trip for music school administrators, where she participated in seminars and conferences and took part in the discussion with Mr. Joachim Litty, Managing Director Berlin Music Academy, Ms. Cathy Miliken the Head of the Education Programme in Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. Stephan Schulmeistrat, Head of Projects German Music Council and Prof. Ulrich Rademacher, Member of the Federal Managing Board of the VDM/German Music Schools Association in Bonn, Prof. Bernd Clausen in Wurzberg University, Enzio Mr. Jörg Süßenbach, Head of Department of Music, Mr. Wetzel, Head of Department of Culture & Development of Goethe-Institut, Head Office, Munich and Mr. Paul Müller, Executive Director Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.